Central Monitoring at your Service

Man Watching An Employee Work Via A Closed-circuit Video MonitorWhen it comes to home ownership, it always helps to have a watchful eye to warn you of incoming threats. At Eastern Security, we understand the daily challenges that face homeowners in regards to security. That is why we offer diverse security solutions to assist you in the event of a break-in, medical emergency, or other threat that attempts to bust through your doors. Thanks to our central monitoring station in Providence, Rhode Island, we have made it even easier for customers to stay informed of the status of their security. Invest in our security system service and have confidence knowing that help is only one phone call away.

The Importance of Central and Local Monitoring
Your family deserves protection from the unexpected. For this reason, it is important to have a vigilant watch on your property to prevent theft or intrusion. Of course, having a monitoring system is not enough. After all, there must be someone at the ready to make the call in the event of an emergency. That is where we come in.

Thanks to our 24/7 alarm monitoring service, our staff keeps a watchful eye over your home at all times. When something out of the ordinary happens, we spring into action and notify emergency personnel. Whether it is an intrusion, fire, or other threat to your home or family, we are prepared to contact the authorities for you.

A monitored alarm system is your first line of defense when the unexpected happens. Since we monitor, and respond to emergencies in your stead, you can have confidence knowing that someone is looking out for you. It is no surprise, then, that the FBI reports that a home without a monitored security system is three times more likely to be burglarized, while a business is nearly five times more likely to be burglarized. In other words, having someone watch out for you reduces the likelihood of a disaster.

Diverse Monitoring Solutions
Protect your Home or business with our advanced security system service. Through the use of advanced security cameras, monitoring, and response measures, we provide a comprehensive means to protect what is rightfully yours. Whether you need to protect your home, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, our smart security systems are able to adapt to your specific needs.

Choose from the following surveillance options:

  • Broadband (via High-Speed Internet Connection)
  • 2-Way Voice Verification (a Vitally Important Link for Our Elderly)
  • Radio Transmission (the Most Reliable Link to Our Central Station)
  • Video Verification (for Our Commercial Accounts and to Limit False Dispatches)
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More than a Security Camera
Sharp eyes ensure the safety and security of those you hold dear. As such, we install advanced security cameras and field specially trained staff to look over your property. Since no two properties are ever alike, we provide a wealth of options to provide the coverage you need.

Advanced Alarms – Go beyond the Siren
In this day and age, it takes more than a blaring siren to discourage the bad guys. Make sure they don’t have another opportunity to strike again. Since our advanced alarms provide blanket protection for your entire property, our company has developed a variety of products and services to meet the challenges facing your home or organization. Live feeds, remote access, and even sophisticated access systems are at your command. Explore your options and choose the options that match your needs.

Guarding Against the Unexpected
Of course, our security solutions can even detect natural disasters. Our 24/7 monitoring also responds to such occurrences like fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding and freezing, and medical emergencies. When we say we have your back, we mean it.

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